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Pyranometers do not require much maintanance and are designed for long life service. Such instruments are daily used by weather monitoring organizations for example. Good quality solar radiation data is becoming increasingly important in the field of renewable energy with regard to both photovoltaic PV and thermal systems.

Solar and Infrared Radiation Measurements

This applies in activities such as research and development, production quality control, determination of optimum locations, monitoring the efficiency of installed systems and predicting the system output under various sky conditions. There is no response to long-wave radiation, and little to ultraviolet.

Measurements of solar radiation are usually made using thermopile type radiometers with a flat spectral response. In a solar monitoring station the short-wave radiation is measured in three ways:. Global Solar Irradiance is measured by a Pyranometer , which is a radiometer with a glass dome that has a hemispherical view of the whole sky.

Direct Solar Irradiance is measured by a Pyrheliometer. It only sees the sun and its aureole. Diffuse Solar Irradiance is scattered by aerosols in the atmosphere and reflected by clouds.

It is measured by a Pyranometer mounted on a sun tracker with a shading mechanism to block the direct solar irradiance. However, for applications such as monitoring the efficiency of a PV installation, it is sufficient to use a single pyranometer measuring the total solar energy available.

What is solar radiation?

This could be permanently installed horizontally or at the same angle as the PV panels or used with a hand-held display for field checks. The front front aperture is fitted with a quartz window to protect the instrument and to act as a filter that passes solar radiation between nm and nm. Other professional instruments include pyrgeometers for measurement of far infrared radiation, albedometers for albedo measurements, UV radiometers for solar UV measurements etc.

They offer a wide range, from the highest accuracy to cost-effective solutions.

What Is Infrared?

They are the main supplier of pyranometers and pyrheliometers to the PV Industry and the demanding fields of meteorology and climatology at measurement sites around the world. Focus Solar - at Focus Solar, we master the art of solar resource estimation. That's the study of how much energy is provided by the sun under different weather conditions.

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The use of satellite earth observations has brought a whole new dimension to solar resource assessment. Solar home systems and solar power plants can now be planned, operated, and optimized with the support of high-tech instruments from NASA's weather satellites.


Calculations for European teritory, Mediteranian region and Africa are available. Campbell Scientific - Campbell Scientific offers pyranometers, net radiometers, and quantum sensors, all designed to measure various aspects of the energy imparted by the sun on the Earth's surface. SoluzioneSolare - SoluzioneSolare provides a product range of monitoring instruments specifically studied to support installers in their work.

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    Measurement Parameters

    ARM scientists focus on obtaining field measurements and developing models to better understand the processes that control solar and thermal infrared radiative transfer in the atmosphere especially in clouds and at the earth's surface. HIM - Wettershop - online shop with wide range of high quality and wellproved meteorological and hydrological measurement instrumens for professional application as well as for ambitious amateurs.

    The CMA albedometers are double pyranometers that measure both global and reflected solar irradiance in one instruments. Radiometers specifically designed for horticultural and agricultural applications to measure PAR photo synthetically active radiation. Radiometers for the measurement of sunshine duration. A wide range of accessories is available for our instruments. For example: Mounting plates, shadow rings and leveling fixtures.

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    Home Products Solar Instruments. Pyranometers Pyranometers are radiometers designed for measuring the irradiance on a plane surface, normally from solar radiation and lamps. Long-wave far infrared radiation FIR is shown in red and is mostly transformed short-wave energy that is re-radiated from the land, water, clouds and atmosphere. Only a small amount of the total energy remains on the earth but this is enough to maintain all the biological processes on our planet and to drive the weather systems.

    Variations in the reflected and re-radiated energy do, of course, influence the energy balance between ground and atmosphere. This energy balance, in turn, influences meteorological conditions and other processes, for example the growth of plants. Rising concern for the survival of our environment and way of life, together with the desire for higher crop yields, makes it necessary to have available precise information on incoming and reflected radiation.

    In this respect the distribution of the radiation intensity at different wavelengths can be of the utmost importance. Nowadays, measuring solar radiation is extremely important in many different fields of application, such as climatology, meteorology , hydrology , pollution forecasting , solar energy , agriculture and material testing.