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I barely remember much of it, but you were Bruce Lee climbing up and down ladders. If you had a second joystick, your friend could control the green computer player. You are a coach of a college basetball team and your object is to coach a college basketball team and move up in the rankings. Graphics were limited to CGA 4 colour. A game that had a variety of sports to play, such as roller skating, surfing, and BMX racing. You could play it in either the practice or the competition mode. The objective of the game is to track down and disintegrate five clones referred to as Duplicates or Numbers depending on the version of the game of Captain Blood.

To find them, the player must speak to various aliens and gain their trust. This consists of around icons, each representing a different concept. As each alien race discovered speaks its own language and reacts differently, the player must learn to negotiate using these UPCOM concepts in a style that suits the races. Other unique facets of the game play of Captain Blood included the deterioration of the player interface as the game progressed.

As time wore on, the character's health deteriorated. This was represented in-game via an increasing amount of shaking of the mouse cursor, making the game more and more difficult to control until the character eventually died. This was one of the first to actually put speech on a computer in this case German. The game seemed to absorb a lot of working hours for some people I knew I played this game on the Compaq computer back in the mid '80s. You were a guy that was running all around a castle to all the different rooms, and I believe your ultimate goal was to obtain a scepter.

On the way, you encountered ghosts and ghouls that you had to avoid. You also picked up various treasures to help you along the way. From Borderbrund. In the first one you're a witch doing something.. I don't remember, but 2 was cool because you were an erratically bouncing pumpkin looking for clues You could choose from different cavemen.. Probably one of the very first simulation-based games. The name says it all - you're sitting at a control panel in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Can you save the power plant before it blows?

Ran on the Commodore This was a 2D game by Broderbund in which you would attempt to rescue your guys on the ground before they got taken out by various airborn enemies. You would land and load up your guys and try and get them back to the safety of your home base. Great sound. Great video. Great fun! This was my first game ever. Came out in , and allowed you to test-fly several different types of planes- jets and props- from different time eras. Had day, dusk, and night modes, as well as obstacle courses and the like. This was one of the first games i played on the spectrum 48k i think it was also out on most other formats as well and it got me totally hooked.

The idea was to guide a little yellow guy around the screen collecting eggs and avoiding emus or something. Later on there was a giant parrot that would chase you around just to really freak you out at four in the morning. This game is a pirates game and the hero is captin claw how is on a quest to find nine stones for the cats. You play as a secret agent in a comic book. If the word bubble is black with white letters, you can push left or right to choose dialogue. Little mini-games came up once in a while to spice things up.

Some of the dialogue was pretty hilarious. Commander Keen's babysitter was stolen in the middle of the night by aliens and you had to rescue her, there were commander keens I - IV that i played but maybe more. Commodore Vic 20 game. You were a man in an aeroplane flying over a city of skyscrapers. You had to drop bombs on the skyscrapers to clear the way. The aeroplane would go off the screen and come back on the right side a bit lower down. The object of the game was to clear all the skyscrapers so the plane could land.

Then the man would get out, wave, get back in and take off again so you could do another level. A 2-D adventure with only 4 screens. I think a witch or something kidnapped a "fair maiden" and you were trying to save her. I played this for days on Apple IIe until I finally beat it. On each screen you would need to jump and throw little boomerang-knives at enemies. The first was a castle with a bat.

The second was a cavern with scorpians and teleporters. Then was a room with lava and bubbles you could ride up. Finally you could take on the evil witch I don't remember exactly how the game worked, but it was one of my favorite. Commodore 64 game an ape swings from trees to get to different levels of the game and coconuts can fall on his head etc. A chess-like strategy game with castles, dragons, wizards, knights etc all with unique movements and powers.

Contra was the best game ever. A side scrolling shooter where you had to kill aliens and their machines. The only bad thing was there was no saving back then! He is a little green alien dude with red suction cup hands for which to climb up walls in case there are no springboards around. This game used real pictures of people in the opening cut scene.

It came on 3 floppies. Gameplay was first person side scrolling shooter. Highly graphical. I believe it came out in Strategy and intense concentration required. Superb, smooth animation of a dozen pieces simultaneously. One of the great ones. This was a game that I played on my Macintosh and it was so addicting.

The concept was simple and it was black and white of course since it was an old Mac , but it was really fun. I can't remember a lot about it, but I think you were a spaceship or something and you tried to gather crystals while avoiding mines. C64 and tandy computer role playing game based on the show. My friends and I spent hours playing this game. We would stay home and get on the phone and do all the same moves until we got to a new place and then one of us would make a move to see if it was the right move. It was a detailed game that took you from the Dallas to the jungles of the Amazon where you had to tickle an anacondra and finally deal with the J.

I believe you were hired by his wife Sue Ellen for some mission against JR. A multi level game where Dave had to transit tunnels passageways and walls, avoiding various flying whizzing hazards, to score jewels. In the lower levels all Dave could do was walk and jump, but as you got better you had levels where Dave had a "jet pack" and could fly as well! I still have the game, and still play it. A great DOS game. The player was able to choose one of three doors to enter and had to gather keys and other items to beat this ogre in the last scene by pulling chains that break the throne he is sitting on.

The player also has to collect elixir and rocks to battle rats, bats, and goblins. In one scene the player battles a "floating eye" that emits a ball of fire to "kill" you. I used to play this game on a Mac. This was a game my children played on their Mac.

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All I remember about it was that it was their favorite game -- a figure had to run through a castle and avoid pitfalls, falling stalactites, and bats. I can still hear those bats. Players could participate in joust and raid castles for money in addition to fighting in the field and laying seige to enemy castles. A great action-puzzle thingy by the legendary Costa Panayi. The game concept is fantastically simple and engrossing: your aim is to guide a laser beam through a 2d tile board and destroy all gems or somethings.

You do this by rotating various mirrors and polarizing lenses and such but beware: if your beam reflects back to its source for too long it overloads and the thing blows up! It's incredible no one ported this for mobile phones or PDA's yet A nice little shooter from Firebird in The game is quite difficult, so alot of my friends didn't like it The graphics, and sound is average, but the difficulty made me go on and on.

Awesome gameplay. Ah, come one! Surprised to see this one didn't make it on the list. This was an Atari game ed. Dig-Dug involved burrowing through the ground and inflating a Pooka and Frygar which breathed fire so that they'd pop. You could also drop rocks on them. This was a game where you controlled "Digger" which if I remember right looked like a wheeled lemon with a set of giant jaws at the front.

The purpose of the game is to collect circles before the time ran out and avoid the baddies at the same time. It was monochrome on the C Apple ][e. You went from level to level collecting dinosaur eggs and avoiding spiders and a huge dino leg that would come down from the top of the screen to stomp on you unless you collected wood to create a fire to keep the mama dino away. Run on MSX.

Very strange game and also very addictive: you had to escape from a room full of monters. They could touch you- you could touch them,even ride them, you wouldn't die unless you get crushed. To escape you had to reach the top of the bottom, and have a hole in the seeds roof Only playing it One of the first platform games ever! Our hero had to jump over rolling barrels to rescue the fair damsel Fae Wray from the clutches of the evil Kong.

One on One Basketball on a half court, you could be either Dr. J or Larry Byrd. Highlight of the game was to dunk and shatter the backboard to watch a little guy come out and sweep up the mess. Bad stuff called "thread" falls from the sky, and if it hits the ground, that's bad. You fly a dragon back and forth across the sky and destroy the thread by breathing fire on it.

Also, you are the lord of your little fiefdom and you can ally with others, through marriage and gifts and such. Commodore My dad and I liked it, but I don't think it was great. This was an old text-adventure that was enhanced by cheap graphics where you start in your house and follow a choose-your-own-adventure-style playing scheme where you pick from a list of possible actions to move around the house and even into the surrounding town looking for lost animals before the elusive dragon catches you.

If you make the wrong choices, a picture of a cheesy dragon pops into the picture on your screen and you must start over. At one point, I remember there being a rabbit in a magician's hat in the dining room. It's a game geared to very young children. At that age, my sister and I used to play this for hours and hours. Even though we had the game memorized, we kept playing anyway. A very overlooked game, it led to the creation of Wasteland.

If not, then you would pass out, or throw up on yourself or get some kind of vd. Power-ups were good, but lives limited. Originally released for Atari ST. The first "fight monsters through the dungeon game" from a first person perspective, where you went through multiple levels. Had an innovative way of doing spells, great graphics, and a truly immersive "you are there" experience. You are fighting your way thru 5 levels of dungeons,faceing snakes,spiders,wraiths,wizards,warriors,knights and dragons or drakes.

I'm not exactly sure but I do know that the fourth level was the hardest. Earl Weaver baseball for the Amiga was such an incredible combination of strategy and arcade action, that I dedicated five years of my youth to it. Its cult-like following still exists today; just do a Google search and you'll find thousands of the game's devoted fans. This was the first game released by access software for PC A flight simulator, it was a really fun game, you had to fly around and find little alien artifacts that looked like x's on the ground that eventually you could decode into a message.

I forget what the message was. You'd take elevators down to the ground floor and kill people trying to shoot you. You could jump to avoid bullets or shoot a bullet as you were going down. Simple, but lots of fun. Sometimes you would have to jump elevator shafts but NOT if the cable was there. The object of the game was to fly from planet to planet trading different items available and attempting to make a profit.

Money earned could be used to upgrade your spaceship with better weapons and whatnot. I dreaded the space station dockings. At first you had to fly in manually, which took some getting used to. Afterwards, with some cash, you could purchase a "docking computer" which took away a lot of stress for me!

It's very intelligent, it has American and German submarines with different missions, theatre of operation pacific and atlantic from to and levels of play. To me it's one of the best even thou the graphics aren't very good but the strategy is great. This game was awesome. You went through six silly levels of trying to eat the type of food you need to survive as a certain type of animal and you killed some little enemies. On the first board you were an ameoba eating all these little bits while trying to avoid sea animals and one big coconut-like thing tha we used to call "Big mama" LOL.

The second level you were a frog that needed to catch these little flies before the fishies ate you. As a mouse you needed to eat all your cheese and make a path so the snakes cannot get you fast enough. As a beaver you swim across a lake to build a dam and avoid alligators. The gorilla board u had to throw oranges at a cat trying to climb a tree; you could only die if they got away or you run outta oranges. The last board, which was more challenging, you were a human avoiding lasers shot by these drones and u had to kill them by letting the lasers reflect off the walls.

This was a real fun game altogether It is good for many laughs too!!! For the C The first combat flight sim I'd ever seen. My friends and I gathered around the TV to play this one for hours at a time What a blast! Everything in the game including the ground was made up of vectors lines , but we didn't care. We thought it was just like being a hotshot pilot! THE quintessential flight sim of the Amiga ! Came with the computer if memory serves me correctly. You had to pass a carrier landing before commencing missions. I remember if you crashed too often a message would come up saying "FA's or F16's depending on what you flew don't grow on trees you know!

This was one of my 1st computer games. I think it was deisigned for the Tandy brand of computers. It could also been used for Apple Computers. This game had children select different types of faces. Then they added parts of the face eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and hair Children now could select actions like stick out tounge, blink eyes, wiggle ears, and wiggle nose. It was primarily for children aged This game had it all, tons of stats that changed throughout the game, ability to make your own players and teams, fighting, decent graphics for the time, 2 player, 5 on 5 with icing, and offside if I remember correctly , you could even play one position for the duration of the game.

Faceoff was king of the hockey games for probably 10 years! Farmers Daughter Text adventure where you played a "traveling lightning rod salesman" who finds himself at a farmhouse occupied by an attractive girl, her two hillbilly brothers and her overprotective father.

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Your goal was to "score" with the daughter without getting sodomized by the brothers or shot by the father. Another Tellarium novel-based release, made you memorize quotes from books which was integral for the game. Cool graphics and a funky soundtrack made it bearable. Text adventure where you played a "traveling lightning rod salesman" who finds himself at a farmhouse occupied by an attractive girl, her two hillbilly brothers and her overprotective father. Great C game. You flew a fighter to stop a massive invasion of your planet, by aircraft and tanks.

There were motherships you had to hunt down and destroy as well. Pretty good graphics for the time and good strategy. How stupid was this? You chose the background, the music and the "effects" and then tried in vein to sync it all together. Tons of fun! The absolute best part of the entire game was bombing the outhouse with someone still inside.

A game that consisted of about 20 different leves mayby more. Armed with a bow and arrow, you shot giant spiders and listened to an awesome gothic soundtrack. You flew a helicopter through crystalline caverns, armed with machine guns and missiles. You had to re-fuel, and your enemies were mostly tanks, who were invulnerable except for their treads. The boss enemy was a blue helicopter that showed up periodically. One of the best Commodore games ever, with great, long levels! It was based on finding the fractions, that were adding, subtracting, multiples or divisables, using either the Numerators, or the denomenators.

I still have some trouble playing it from time to time, but I think Its very good old fashioned math fun!!! You are a slave and the goal of the game was to make it safely to the north. This game scared me but was so fun to play! Jason is dressed all in black but can disguise as people he has already killed. Your mission: kill Jason before he kills you. You go through churches, forests, houses collecting weapons to stop his killing spree.

Every time you heard a blood-curdling scream you know he took another victim! Sometimes you could even use a corpse as a VERY deadly weapon! In "Frogger" your objective was to get your frog across a road, a river, and other obstacles without getting squashed, snake-bitten, eaten by alligators, or otherwise killed. As for Burger Time, that was the one where the little chef guy ran all over these levels putting together giant hamburgers and trying to avoid Mr. Hot Dog, Mr.

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Egg, and Mr. A frog trys to cross a busy street. They were a series of childrens games released for the Commodore The publisher for Funschool 2 was Hit Squad. The publisher for Fun School 4 was Europress. Based on the tv series, this game allowed players to choose from a variety of characters and attack the forces of cobra in one on one combat or in vehicle combat. Alternately, a second player could play the forces of Cobra. A fun game but rather annoying as it seemed there was no way to win once you captured too many members of one team their membes started escaping.

First in the Apshai series. Gertrude's Secrets is a children's computer game by The Learning Company. The goal of the game is to solve puzzles and find secrets. The game features rooms filled with puzzles to be solved by arranging objects by shape and color. It is played by dragging Gertrude, a goose, into one of various rooms.

Gertrude then brings various shapes into the rooms which must be arranged appropriately. Upon completion of the puzzle, Gertrude awards the player with a prize. The game also includes a noisy bird, and a room for editing shapes. Based on the movie. You bought cool equipment, caught ghosts, snuck past the marshmallow man and fought Gozar. One of the first games to use digitized speech. Another classic from Sierra where you must go on an adventure from New York to California at the height of the gold rush.

This one introduced an interesting twist in allowing you to choose from one of several ways to complete your quests. Sierra games in the 80s were responsible for me missing many days of school. It loosely followed the film, consisting of quite a few "scenes" from the film. Each room or "scene" was a puzzle - two goonies enter and you have to figure a way to cooperate your way through the traps, etc. Outstanding hi-res graphics, challenging refueling sequence. Two gorillas stand on a sky-scraper each and toss exploding bananas at each other. The players can control the speed and angles of tosses, and the level of play can be affected by changing the gravity constant.

It was one of the first car simulators featuring a somewhat complex 4 gearbox, and one of the first games that let you save scores! There was different game races: you could cruise from SF to NY, from Washington to Miami, or even trying to pass thru a lot of cities as fast as you could go. The nice things about this game was that you could run your car as fast as MPH, had to stop to get some gas from time to time, could be stopped by cops, and weather and time could change! Super Mario Brothers Secret passages and very addictive! This is a 2D game with you as a human trying to return escaped Mogwais into their cage before they turned into Gremlins at the stroke of midnight.

There's a popcorn maker at the bottom of the screen that flings popcorn all over the screen and when a Mogwai eats it, it turns into a Gremlin which you kill by using your cane. There's also a fridge which a Gremlin can open and throw food from it. And a tv which will cause all Mogwais and Gremlins to freeze by watching it. Puddles of water means the Mogwai or Gremlin will double after passing through it.

Many levels with different room settings and challenges. Memorable music too. Made for both C64 and Amiga computers. Basically a texted base game with very intricate drawings scrolling down to provide some eye candy to your own imagination. An improvement to the Zork series, and very difficult to win. You played a petty thief trying to gain entry into Kernovia's first mentioned in a similar game called "The Pawn" legendary Guild of Theives by ransacking a castle and its surrounding area of all its valuables.

The end game took forever to understand, and its puzzles remain some of the most difficult in any text based adventure game. Originally made for the C64, this was near the end of the 8 bit chip era. You controlled an Apache Gunship, shooting rockets, minigun and hellfire missiles on missions in areas ranging from Southeast Asia to Central America, then moving on to the Middle East and Europe. Life could be short and brutal on the Ultimate level.

Later ported for the Amiga as Gunship I still play this game on the C A natural game to put on a computer. You play as a hacker who stumbles upon a major conspiracy and you take control of a robot to retrieve shredded documents. A weird and cute japanese platform game where the character get items in order to solve little puzzles to get through the screens. Anyone who loved computer baseball had this one.

Featured the Champs vs. All-star blue vs. Included player's names, different pitchers with differing strengths and weaknesses , and spectacular camera view and "split screen" graphics. Featured different batting angles, choice of pitch, and an umpire calling the strikes. Only downside was that the batting order controlled the batter's capabilities slugger, hitter, "outer," and not the batter himself.

With a friend, hours could be spent without even realizing the time. An almost Donkey Kong style game where you manuver a little construction worker around some I beams riviting nails or something. This was basically a little plan flying over land and water that passed by underneath. You had to move your plan up or down to avoid shrapnel and other stuff, you could also bomb the missile turrets on the ground with the space bar.

You flew a Hellcat on missions to protect your carrier and shoot down enemy zeros, it was a gas! I guess to win the game. Come on. If you got anywhere near a computer in the 80's, you played this game. Arthur Dent. Ford Prefect. Cut the lawn, no matter how it gets done, or who's lawnmower you 'borrow' to do it. Lawnmower had a 'turbo' that would over heat if used too much. Nauseating game. Custom design your own car, then take it for a spin around town. Even give it a bath at the car wash! Then drive to the fire station at your convenience and pick up the fire engine.

There's always a fire! Put out the fire, then give the fire truck a bath at the car wash! Oh, the cheesy, cheesy fun we had! Russian sub admiral defects to the US. A mid to late 80s version of space invaders, with advanced graphics and a fantastic rock based soundtrack. Player was able to strengthen their fighter by completing various levels. A very complex and difficult game. One of the first good 2 player games around. You and a friend took the roles of 2 mercenaries from a top down view point.

You had to fight your way through jungles shooting bad guys on foot as well as in tanks. Different weapon types and grenades were available and they could become more powerful through power ups. Impossible Mission" was significant C64 game, in which you played a secret agent infiltrating an underground lab, attempting to piece together a puzzle before the world blew up. Early use of voice synth, with a blood-curdling scream if you died, and the villain's famous "Destroy him, my robots" line.

Followed by a sequel. Was simply a disk with no instructions. When you booted up, got a fake password-protect screen asking you to login and give password. You had to guess password and work from there, just like a real hacker stumbling across an unknown system. Eventually you uncovered a complicated scheme involving robots running down secret passages--pretty dull, really. But excellent idea. I'm surprised no one mentioned it. This was a great game, one of the first 'real time' strategy games.

You are Christopher Columbus and sail to the New World to explore. I think it was made by the same guys who made M. It was available on Atari 8-bit and Commodore, I played it on both.

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Kind of like the board game Mouse Trap, you had to keep putting different objects in the scene to complete the puzzle. Commodore game. Shows graphic of a car engine and some gauges. You have to troubleshoot the problem with the engine to get it running again. You played a young person whose crazy uncle leaves you a spaceship and a mission to find "the most amazing thing.

Critical Role Escapes the Evil Sorcerer's Lair (Escape! w/ Janet Varney)

You piloted a space ship, shopped for supplies, communicated with weird aliens. Our copy had a bug or physical damage to the floppy and locked up at the same place each time, but I'd play it for hours on end, anyway. Awesome game. A graphic text adventure. The graphics were nice. Tthe puzzles were intense. I do not remember the specifics of the computer but I played the game along with Digger, Frogger and Joust on my dad's old work computer from mid to late 80's.

The object was to get Janitor Joe up the levels on the screen like donkey kong without running into the robots that had taken over the building. You also had to jump over holes and slide along elevators. Spectrum 48K game where you play a little spaceman dude who's ship has crashlanded onto a single screen alien landscape. You have to collect the parts of your ship and enough fuel for it to be able to take off while shooting aliens and I think collecting crystals and other stuff. THE platform game of the 80's! As Willy you had to search the house and colect all the beer glasses before you could go to bed.

If you try to go to bed before that you are blocked by you landlady who is like, twice your size! The problem is that your house is inhabited by all sorts of wierd and wonderful creatures that want to kill you that was some party! Also had the best bug flaw in it. TV, Radio, Web.

Golden Flutes and Great Escapes : How to Write Your Own Adventure Games

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