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Activities align with the latest national standards for both science and math and cover topics from all scientific disciplines.

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They require no advanced expertise in any subject area, and use only inexpensive and easily accessible materials. Each activity includes a step-by-step procedure, discussion questions, options and extensions, and assessment rubrics, plus citations for books, articles, and other supplementary resources for teachers. Many activities include worksheets for students. Portland, OR. See all 1 customer reviews Write a review.

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This is an excellent activity book for the teacher of science in Grades K Yet, it is more than an activity book. The framework ties directly to inquiry-based learning. This book is a resource that is meant to be adapted to a specific school environment, and provides many examples of adaptations for specific learners. Activities Linking Science with Math, K-4 provides, within each of the 20 activities, numerous ideas for purposeful exploration, meaningful discussion, authentic assessment, and further thought.

Most of the activities can be student-lead or teacher-lead, adjustable to the needs of a specific classroom. The activities allow the students hands-on experience with practical and thought-provoking subjects in science, and link science to simple and applicable mathematical principles. Some of the exciting activities guide the students in: understanding the function of the eye by creating a model, exploring botany by dissecting and stamping with fruits and vegetables, uncovering geological differences by digging into soil, learning to love science by making collections from nature, recognizing patterns in alphabet and number shapes, and identifying similarities and differences in texture.

The activities presented in this book are engaging to students. Meaningful discussion ideas are provided for each activity. The discussion questions are open-ended, allowing students to think for themselves; allowing room to debate in groups. They will think about particle size, color, and feel; and what makes dirt different.

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The lessons are a series of learning experiences that provide focus questions, learning targets, performance indicators, and learning activities that include literacy strategies. WebQuests are wonderful complete interactive lessons online.

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This is the WebQuest HomePage where you can search for your content specific areas and grade levels. Graphic Organizer FREE and online, where you and students can create storyboards, do brainstorming, story mapping and planning, analyzing and compare and contrast activities.

Chapter 2. Diverse Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners

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